and now new – with our own warehouse!

 logistics & freight forwarding

 We offer you quick, flexible and reliable solutions for all national and Europe-wide destinations on all questions relating to logistics and freight forwarding services.

 Our services for surface transport throughout Europe range from

  •  packaged good
  •  part- and
  • complete loads


  • courier and direct transport 

 right up to

  •  project shipments

 with a comprehensive range of destinations for the export and import of goods.

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 The following vehicles can be provided for all destinations:

  • Standard tarpaulin trucks
  • Jumbo trailers
  • Mega trailers
  • Temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks
  • Express and courier vehicles

 All the different types of loading spaces available can also be supplied with equipment for handling hazardous goods, if required.

Our company is certified according to ISO 14001 und nach ISO 9001.


 The new property covers a total area of more than 6.500 m². A warehouse with a total area of 1000m² was built on the site, as well as a completely new administration wing. Turning possibillities and Parking spaces for truck are also now available.

In the future we will be available to you as a warehouse keeper.

Palletized goods can be loaded an unloaded safely, quick and protectes from the weather by using 2 ramps, including dock levellers and dock seals.

Still exists the possibility of a dry and clean handling of heavy and bulky goods in the hall by a ground-level gate (4,5 x 4,5 m).

In our newly built warehouse we can store and pick your products.



 For expert, professional advice contact:

Ulrike Löwe

disposition and office management

+49 34206 - 3030 - 14

Kathleen Fischer

disposition and billing

+49 34206 - 3030 - 16

Andreas Zurek

disposition und warehouse

+49 34206 - 3030 - 18

 Please don’t hesitate to give us a call – between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. we’ll be delighted to hear from you!